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Drive your business forward with Pro Ride

Pro Ride ELD assures the safety of your business. Our dedicated team of developers consistently works on improving our product to fulfill our clients’ diverse needs. Our goal is to provide you with essential tools that streamline operations, cut expenses, and boost profitability.


Your trusted partner on the way to safety, efficiency, and profitability.



We maintain a high level of professionalism in our approach, ensuring top-notch service and expertise in every aspect of our work.


We pride ourselves on our proficiency in fostering strong client relationships in delivering exceptional support throughout our partnership.


Continuously proactive, we innovate and devise new strategies to simplify our clients’ operations, striving to consistently improve their experience.

ELD Compliance

Streamline your operations with
simplified ELD Compliance

GPS Tracking

Secure all your assets with
real-time GPS data

IFTA Reporting

Automate fuel reporting with complete
fuel calculations overview

Electronic DVIR

Keep your inspection records in check
for all vehicles and assets

Designed to match your fleet's requirements.

Our solution is flexible enough to accommodate fleets of all sizes. We’re eager to expand alongside you and support your growth, one truck at a time!


With Pro Ride’s important data, I can focus on managing fleet tasks instead of drowning in paperwork.

Fleet Manager

Pro Ride eased my compliance worries. Now, I drive without inspection concerns, trusting accurate reports.


Having 24/7 support means help is always there. It makes my trips smoother and more productive, providing a sense of safety on the road.


Improve your business with real-time data

With all fleet data available from one platform, you are able to increase productivity, drive automation, and make informed decisions with ease.

Manage your whole fleet from one platform

Our fleet management tools provide insight into all your operations, help share data, and standardize your fleet processes.

Eliminate risk from scaling your operations

Our innovative technology helps you reduce risk and enhance profitability allowing you to seamlessly scale your operations.


The tools you need to take your business to the next level
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